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14 February, 2019

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Tiny Sea Adventure 2 is a F2P arcade game that offers its players to embark on the addictively fun journey and spend some minutes (or hours) trying to avoid the collision with sea creatures (fish, jellyfish, pufferfish to name a few) and to collect as many underwater treasures as possible. It has something for everyone: the refined control has now made it easy for new players to start enjoying the game right from the very beginning and for more experienced players there is enough room for improving their skills. The submarine, controlled by the player’s finger, has upgradable characteristics, which make the advancement through the game more varied. Moreover different skins upgrades are available – if you are bored with your simple yellow submarine, you can collect enough coins and change it to the Pirate or Penguin one (there are over 20 different options available now).


Since being founded, Pixelshake Studio has always been in search of a fun simple concept, yet able to be challenging enough for more dedicated players. The idea of a tiny submarine trying to survive among sea inhabitants by tricking them, all in a fun relaxing setting, came (obviously) during a holiday, a real-life journey which later started a development one. Having gained feedback from the users of the 1st version of the game, the small indie team decided to concentrate on two main ideas behind Tiny Sea Adventure 2: short game sessions and control mechanics which are easy to learn. We ourselves enjoy the competitive nature of the game and basically put it together all over again to ensure better gaming experience for our players and to make it easier for them to see it as we do.


  • A perfect example of the “easy to learn hard to master” concept
  • Minimalistic flat design and aesthetic which appeals both to children and adults
  • Great for companies due to the competitive nature of the gameplay
  • The difficulty increases progressively within a small amount of time which prevents boredom and makes it a perfect time-killer


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About Pixelshake Studio

Pixelshake Studio is an independent mobile games studio founded in 2015 in Belarus. Since then it has crafted such games as Tiny Sea Adventure (published by Kongregate), The Box Boss! (published by Noodlecake), and has recently released its new multiplayer strategy The Night Park and Tiny Sea Adventure 2 with refined controls and new content. We are a small team of 3 people striving to work and create in accordance with our belief that games should be fun and the mobile gaming experience should be qualitative. Being a relatively young company, we value the insights of our user base and welcome every kind of feedback.

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Tiny Sea Adventure 2 Credits

Andrey Adamovich
CEO, Programmer, Designer

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