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10 March, 2019

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The Night Park gives you the opportunity to experience being the owner of an amusement park which after closing becomes a battleground for the power of the mysterious Artefact. Players get to be the owners of the park that is not as usual as it seems from the first glance.The Artefact in its very center attracts various magical creatures – Yetis, UFOs and Mermaids, to name a few. The visitors from across the world are coming to have fun and witness the wonders with their own eyes, yet there is a small problem – the park is not the only one in the neighborhood. There are a lot of competitors, all willing to steal the power of the ancient Artefact and stop you. Players will have to exercise all their logic skills to, first, build a defense strategy, and second, to overcome the obstacles the opponents have created, all that with the help of security guards, each with an individual patrolling route, various traps and, of course, magical creatures. Each magical creature has its own unique system of upgrading skills that can be used to outwit the opponent’s security guards and steal the much needed power of the Artefact.Only the players’ skills will determine whether they will be able to create a winning combination and become the legend of the Night Park.


Since being founded in 2015, Pixelshake Studio has always been in search of the concept that will be both potentially fun to people and inspiring to the team in the long run. They started with the idea of an amusement park, arguably one of the most exciting places as it is, and for long it was just that: a mobile strategy to earn the most money being the owner of the park. The first drafts were made, and loved, but there was something missing. Somehow for a game it seemed too.. adult. Then the thought crossed someone’s mind: although nowadays games are not exclusively children’s prerogative, it is often a child’s mind that is capable of turning mundane things into something exciting. The team went back in time when they were kids, shared some ideas. How fun it would be if the attractions were powered not by electricity, but by the energy of the ancient Artefact, if after closing the amusement park is a battlefield for Gnomes and Yetis, if everything is not what it seems... That’s how The Night Park was born.


  • Reversed tower-defense mechanics with elements of a stealth genre
  • Mysterious yet satirical atmosphere which will appeal both to children and adults
  • The gameplay crafted to fit both ‘hardcore’ and casual users
  • Combine your strategic skills and logic to become the legend of the amusement parks' business
  • Compete with real players to build your way up through the leagues and get rewards.
  • Use the power of the Artefact to attract various supernatural creatures including Yetis, Mermaids, UFOs and many more – put together a dream team
  • Develop a successful strategy combining unique abilities of your magical creatures to steal magic power from your opponents
  • Hire securities to protect the most valuable thing in your park - the Artefact
  • Use supernatural creatures to build bizarre attractions and blow your visitors' minds with lots of fun.. also to become rich
  • Progress through levels and get more exceptional opportunities
  • Upgrade the Artefact and it will catch more powerful supernatural creatures


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About Pixelshake Studio

Pixelshake Studio is an independent mobile games studio founded in 2015 in Belarus. Since then it has crafted such games as Tiny Sea Adventure (published by Kongregate), The Box Boss! (published by Noodlecake), and has recently released its new multiplayer strategy The Night Park and Tiny Sea Adventure 2 with refined controls and new content. We are a small team of 3 people striving to work and create in accordance with our belief that games should be fun and the mobile gaming experience should be qualitative. Being a relatively young company, we value the insights of our user base and welcome every kind of feedback.

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The Night Park Credits

Andrey Adamovich
CEO, Programmer, Designer

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